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I will be blogging about my preparation and planning leading up to the ride and will try to Blog as much as possible as I pedal across the country.

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  • Well we made it to a small place just outside of Spokane Washington.  Had  a great day of driving until the weather in Idaho.  In a span of 5 minutes we hit rain, hail, fog and sun.  We pushed through that and are now only about 6-7 hours from Vancouver.  Should arrive there tomorrow.  I'm pretty tired but before signing off wanted to share that when we stopped for lunch today we met a retired couple from Thunder Bay.  Rod was his name and he noticed my Jays hat so asked where we were from.  After we got talking I told him about the ride and he took one of the info cards and has offered to help in anyway he can when we come through and will also put the info up in local stores etc.  What are the chances of meeting someone from Thunder Bay in Bozeman Montana?  Hopefully I'll connect with them when we hit Thunder Bay


    On Saturday, June 7, 2014, Carol Monas said:

    I am another Thunder Bay person ..:) I know you started out today, and hoping it all went well. My husband and I plan to watch for you , when you ride in, hope to see you ! Safe travels always !


    On Thursday, June 5, 2014, Sandra, Dayle, John said:

    Other Thunder Bay people here. We are joining the Thunder Bay Mayor's Hike for Charity on June 7th, the same day you head out. It is more of an awareness campaign than fundraiser; that coming later.

    Also, we host your stay in Thunder Bay a month later July 7th. See you then.



    On Wednesday, June 4, 2014, Phil Clarke said:

    Great job buddy! Keep the up dates coming. Keep on Truckin'!


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