How you can help

How You Can Help


There are many ways you can help, including:

  • Organize a local event (such as a picnic) at any of the route stops
  • Volunteer at a local event
  • Attend a local event someone else organizes
  • Be a driver for the support vehicle for the whole route or whatever part you can manage;
  • Ride-along on your bike  for a portion of the Ride
  • Offer food and/or lodging for Kevin and the support driver if you live in or near one of the stops
  • Donate gas, hotel or restaurant cards  to the Ride (remember that you can cash in Air Miles™ or other rewards points to obtain these for free!)
  • Make a donation at (you will receive a tax receipt for any amount over $10)
  • Forward this information to your friends and family members to see if they are interested in helping with this exciting project
  • Post the link to on your Facebook page, or tweet about it (follow us @canpku and @averysridepku)
  • Find out if a school in your area is interested in having Kevin speak
  • Reach out to any contacts you have with the media, business, or communities groups to promote this event or become a sponsor (check out the Sponsorship Packages for this event posted at


Please let us know how you can help make this wonderful event a success by contacting the CanPKU Secretary, Tanya Chute ( or Vice President, Nicole Pallone ( or 250-910-6426).