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I will be blogging about my preparation and planning leading up to the ride and will try to Blog as much as possible as I pedal across the country.

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  • Jul7Mon

    Thunder Bay ON

    July 7, 2014
    Well we have arrived in Thunder Bay ON.  Have not been blogging for the last few days due to the lack of wifi in the remote parts of Northern Ontario.  We left Dryden after a nice visit with Adam and is family (was great to see Adam again after more than a few years).  The ride from Dryden to Ignace was nice.  There was a chance for thunder showers and we avoided them so that was a bonus.  We did end up booking a hotel because there was still a severe thunderstorm warning when we hit Ignace.  Ignace was a small town of about 1300 people  (the locals said there were not nearly that many).  We did not do a whole lot there other than catch up on some sports highlights and read about all the flooding that we left behind in Sask. and Man.  Hopefully the people there get some relief from the weather soon.  After Ignace we headed to Upsala, and another nice ride of about 120 km.  We ended up about 20 km outside of Upsala at Savanne river resort.  Again with a warning for severe thunderstorms we booked a cabin and the owner of the resort gave us over half off the price so that was really helpful.  I saw three moose on the way to Upsala but unfortunately they were all laying on the side of the road.  Another nice day and we managed to avoid any rainfall until after we arrived at our destination.  Today we woke up and headed out earlier than normal to make up for the hour we would lose when crossing the eastern time zone.  I'm glad to be back in the same time zone of my family, a sign we are getting close to them.  I am staying with a family tonight that has two adult children with PKU, one who is here with her children.  I'm looking forward to chatting about her experience.  Im also looking forward to dinner as we are eating moose, something I have never tried and was just commenting to Svend the other day about.  Svend wont get to enjoy this as he has connected with an old university buddy and will be staying with him.  Im also looking forward to visiting an old high school friend, Kristie tonight.  Its been great seeing people from various times in my life who I likely would not have seen otherwise this summer.  Today's ride was cloudy and cool but the sun came out and turned into a beautiful day.  I think I did about 118 km today. We also had a chance to stop at Kakabeka falls and get some nice pics there.  I'll try to upload them soon.  Anyway I think I hear dinner about to be served.


    On Monday, July 7, 2014, Con Koevoet said:

    Looking forward to your visit in Marathon on Thursday and Friday. Sorry have not been able to find you places in Nipigon or Terracebay. We will have a meet and greet here in the mall Friday from 230 to 4pm. Travel safely

    -Con, that sounds great, and thanks for having us.  Looking forward to staying in Marathon for a few days.


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