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I will be blogging about my preparation and planning leading up to the ride and will try to Blog as much as possible as I pedal across the country.

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  • Apr21Mon

    finally some nice weather

    April 21, 2014
    Well it looks like (fingers crossed) the weather has finally started to cooperate with me wanting to be outside riding my bike.  I was able to get out last Saturday and ride from Kitchener to Listowel.  When I arrived in Listowel I noticed that two screws has come out of my cleat and therefore I could not get my shoe to detach from my pedal.  Thankfully there was a bike shop in town and they had some spare screws and were able to get me back in business.  So after that I stopped for some lunch and headed back to Kitchener.  The guys at the bike shop were able to give me a different route back to Kitchener which they assured me was better than the way I came into Listowel.  I clearly was not listening when informed of this route because Im pretty sure I got lost and added at least 20km to my ride.  When I got back home my computer clocked in at 141km.  That is right around the distance I will travel most days on the ride so I felt good about that.  Sunday morning I felt really good as well which gave me some confidence that I can do that day after day for 72 days. This week training has taken a bit of a back seat.  We are finishing up painting etc on our basement, Sarah was extra busy with report cards keeping her late at school this week and both our kids are sick so getting on the bike was a bit of an afterthought most days.  Im hopeful to be able to get in a few hundred Km's this week though as the kids seems to be on the mend and the basement is and report cards are now done.  Its only 5 weeks until I start driving out to Victoria, its coming really quick.  Im excitedly nervous if that makse sense.  This weekend we were able to spend easter with Sarah's family.  It was great to see Jon, Kim and Avery (and the rest of the family).  Avery is doing really well, Jonathan and Charlotte really enjoyed having another little one around, although I think Jonathan may have been a little to "in your face" for Avery's liking, something Im sure she will get used to.  

    Finally just an update on fundraising.  With the cord donate website, cash donations and donations received directly by CanPKU we have raised a total of $8655.00.  We are well on our way to raising our goal of 25,000.00.  


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    Can you tell me if the tax deductible receipts would be valid for US tax deductions?


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