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I will be blogging about my preparation and planning leading up to the ride and will try to Blog as much as possible as I pedal across the country.

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  • Apr7Mon

    exciting news

    April 7, 2014
    We got some exciting news today regarding two new sponsors for the ride for PKU.  Cambrooke foods has donated $2500.00 to the ride making them a silver sponsor and Vitaflo has donated $1000.00 to the ride making them a bronze sponsor.  With these sponsors, cash received and the online donations through we have raised over 8000.00 towards our goal.  That means we have reached about 1/3 of our goal.  

    Ride to Hamilton

    I was able to get out yesterday and ride to Hamilton which ended up being about 65km.  It was a great ride and actually the same ride I will complete when coming through this part of Ontario during the summer.  As the weather has been getting better I plan to complete a few long rides.  I'm hoping to ride up to Thornbury where my parents reside and to my in-laws in Chatham.     

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