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I will be blogging about my preparation and planning leading up to the ride and will try to Blog as much as possible as I pedal across the country.

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  • Jun21Sat

    Arrived in North Battleford

    June 21, 2014
    We left Vegreville with a lot of fog and a little drizzle.  Seemed fitting as this is pretty much how our time has been spent in Alberta thus far.  The stay in Vegreville was great.  The Pomeroy inn and Suites could not have been better.  They were also very interested in the ride and the pku.  We had a great talk with their manager and she took some postcards to hand out to other guests.  After a great breakfast we headed out.  We left a little later than normal because of the fog.  After we stopped to get a picture by the huge egg it was on the road.  Eventually the rain stopped and the fog lifted and we had a nice ride.  After about 60 km in I was forced to fix another flat.  Thankfully I remembered to restock the extra tube so it was not a huge issue.  Svend had driven ahead to Vermillion and biked back to meet me so he could get some km's in.  I averaged almost 30km per hour to Vermillion and was over 30km per hour by the time I hit Lloydminster.  We stayed on the Alberta side of the city only about 200 meters or so from the Saskatchewan border.  The days inn provided us a room which we really appreciate.  The hotels that have donated rooms for this ride have been super helpful.  We were also able to leave a handful of postcards on the info desk at the days inn.   The ride into Lloydminster was over 150 km but was nice with a tailwind and took just over 5 hours.  

    We woke up this morning, our final day in Alberta to pouring rain again.  The silver lining was a 25km hour tailwind.  It rained for the first hour or so and then stopped but really rained hard again for about the last 20km into North Battleford.  I took a wrong turn in North Battleford and ended up stuck at a train stop for a good half hour.   I could see the hotel on the other side but was forced to wait, in the rain, until the train was done.  The ride was flat and fast which was good because it was raining so we made it to North Battleford by 12:30 (including train stop) and I was able to average over 31km per hour.  Thanks to the wind on that one.  Super 8 has provided us with a room for tonight so thanks to them for that.  I believe we are meeting up with a family for dinner here in North Battleford so we are looking forward to that as well.  

    Had a great chat with the kids on facetime today until Charlotte and Jonathan bumped heads resulting in a bloody nose for Jonny.  I miss those guys like crazy, but only 4 weeks until I will see them.  I can't say this enough but Sarah is doing such a great job this summer with the kids, she definitely has the harder job.  I just have to ride a bike everyday.  Even though Sarah is not here she is just as instrumental in this ride happening as I am.  Thanks Sarah you're the best.   

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